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Nobody likes thinking about how their dependents and loved ones would survive if they weren’t around. Would they struggle to make ends meet without your income?  Would they be able to keep saving for college and other future life expenses?

With a life insurance policy you can make sure that they would be provided for after you were gone.  It is one of the best legacies you can leave to make sure they can continue to thrive in your absence.

Term Life

Term Life is the most common type of Life Insurance policy.  You select an amount of coverage, the term or length of coverage (typically 10, 15, or 20 years), and name a beneficiary who is to receive the benefit if you die.  Premiums for Term Life policies are generally lower than other types because they only provide coverage for a specified amount of time.

Whole Life

Whole Life policies are exactly that – they provide coverage from the date they are taken out, until the day you die for a fixed premium amount.  This type of policy builds cash value as you pay into it – similar to building up equity in your home.   Most policies will let you borrow money from this accrued value.

Universal Life

Universal Life is similar to Whole Life, but generally offers more flexibility on your payment, the amount of the death benefit, and savings options.

Come on in and talk to Tom!

tomheadshotOur in-house Life Insurance guru is the one and only Tom Sapienza.  He can help you figure out which type of policy would best fit your needs and answer any questions you might have.  Tom has been helping our clients protect their loved ones for over 25 years!  In the summer you might find him on the field coaching American Legion baseball.  Give him a call at 585.389.4151, or send him an email at