The Four Most Common Types of Data Breach

By Alex Chesko | September 26, 2017

According to a report published the New York State Attorney General’s office 95% of data breaches reported in NY between 2006 & 2013 fell into one of these 4 categories:

Buying a new home? Keep these tips in mind when shopping for new home insurance:

by Alex Chesko | April 8, 2016


Purchasing a new home can be a daunting experience.  It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the rush of details and deadlines. You know you need to have insurance – but it’s an item that’s often glossed over as just one more box to check off the list.

Here are some important items you need to consider when purchasing insurance for a new home:

ten ways to save on car insurance

By Alex Chesko | February 23, 2016

Let’s face it – you can’t turn on a T.V. or a radio, or go online today without being bombarded by ads claiming how much money they can save you on your car insurance.  But how many of those claims of savings are true and not just hype?   The truth is the average consumer has a significant amount of control over their auto insurance premiums.

To demonstrate this, we’ve asked the experts at Brighton-Pittsford Agency to give you a look behind the curtain and share with you their ten best ways to reduce your car insurance premiums:

How much Auto Liability Insurance do I need?

carfamilyYou’ve probably been there – filling out a web form for a car insurance quote and you’re immediately presented with a dozen options for Bodily Injury coverage, Property Damage, Personal Injury Protection, etc.   You wonder – how much coverage do I really need?  $10,000?  $50,000?  More?

Why Should I Use an Independent Insurance Agent?

independent agent

In today’s marketplace most major insurance companies are spending millions of dollars advertising how they can help you “Save 15% or more in just 15 minutes!” At first glance it seems like a great idea – getting insurance coverage on the cheap by cutting out the middleman. But before you entrust your future to some faceless call center representative at a huge corporation it’s a good idea to make sure you know exactly what you might be giving up.

You’ve Just Been Hacked – Now What?

data breach

Imagine the following scenario:

It’s 4:30pm on what has been a seriously busy Friday afternoon.  You’re just starting to think about the great tickets you scored to the game this weekend when an incoming call is transferred to your office.  It’s an agent from the Secret Service (yes – that Secret Service) calling to inform you that they have identified a computer on your network which has been communicating with a server linked to a hacking group operating in the Ukraine.